Lawyer de Áñez hopes the UN will speak out and

Jeanine Áñez’s lawyer Luis Guillén said today that following the visit of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to the former president, they are awaiting a statement “urging” the state to respect the rights and guarantees that “systematically run over became”. “.

“The United Nations Office has monitored, it is necessary that international institutions investigate the abuses suffered by the former president, we are talking about the excessive use of preventive detention in processes in which the former president does not participate under any circumstances,” he said in an interview with the program A Media Mañana de Los Tiempos and Grupo Centro.

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He also pointed out that former President Jeanine Áñez has been sedated “because of a nervous breakdown in her life” following the news of last Saturday’s suicide attempt in Miraflores prison in La Paz.

“She is being sedated before this nervous breakdown, because of everything she’s been through, because of everything that has happened, because of abuse by the public ministry, the prison regime, because she cannot see her family and visits are restricted,” said Guillén.

He described the suicide attempt as a “cry for help” heard by international organizations that guarantee the exercise and fulfillment of human rights.


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