Lawyer claims inappropriate medication worsened Áñez's depression

One of former President Jeanine Áñez’s lawyers, Luis Guillén, denounced this Saturday after learning that the ex-president was injured, that her client had been given an inappropriate drug by prison regime doctors that made her depression worse. He regretted the judges’ inaction.

“A medical meeting was held on Friday that we partially attended, it was chaired by the prison regime doctors and the psychiatrist who made an assessment of the ex-president spoke,” he said.

He said he had been given inadequate treatment with drugs (two specific ones) that shouldn’t continue to be used as the prison doctors had done, had to be used for two weeks and then removed, but they were didn’t do it “.

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He added, “The consequence of not doing this is an increase in depression and paranoia-like syndrome.”

She regretted that she did not receive adequate medical treatment to stabilize her blood pressure. “They used drugs without adequate vigilance and without adequate coordination between doctors.”

He said the former president caused two injuries to a two-inch arm and three more.

He said the prison regime had obeyed and called her on Saturday to inform her of the former president’s health.

“What happened is an attempt to take her own life by the ex-president, a cry for help, a cry for help in the face of all the powerlessness she’s had in the face of her whole life, which has intensified” when there is no adequate treatment he injured his arms, ”he explained.

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“It’s worrying and he left it in jail and we’re trying to get a psychiatrist to regulate this drug. It is a cry for help in the face of injustices he is experiencing, ”he added.


In the last lawsuit held on Thursday, the two investigating judges who are conducting the case against Áñez for alleged coup d’état and breach of duty were admonished.

“He urged the judges to have a gender perspective, to understand that it was a woman and, second, to pay attention to the presidential medical prescriptions. We then hope they adhere to them,” he said.


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