Lawmakers question the governor of La Paz for banning vaccine purchases

Legislators from Allianz Citizen Community (CC) and Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS) questioned La Paz Governor Santos Quispe who last week ruled out the possibility of buying coronavirus vaccines for the department as a “surplus”.

CC Alliance deputy Alberto Astorga said the departmental authority’s statements were “inappropriate” and that he was “lost in his management” in the battles he was playing with, rather than losing, the fights he is playing with Leopoldo Chui, the head of the Jallalla group take care of the health of the department.

“We have to tell the governor that in La Paz there are a lot of people waiting for vaccines, that there are queues, that not even 70% of people over 60 are vaccinated and that 5% are given the second dose,” said Held.

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Alejandro Reyes, from the same political front, affirmed that what he said about not purchasing vaccines was “irresponsible” and affirmed that it did not reflect reality. “It is not possible for him to be handicapped (by no longer administering vaccines) or simply to do nothing,” he added.

From Movement to Socialism (MAS), MP Juanito Angulo also joined the questions, reiterating that he showed “disinterest” and “irresponsibility”.

“The governor shows irresponsibility if he should be the first to guarantee the vaccine as one of the measures set for the population,” he said.

Quispe said there were “too many vaccines” in the department of La Paz and he said it was an “excess” to get more doses. Last week the government approved Supreme Decree 4521 authorizing sub-national governments to purchase vaccines against Covid-19 directly and with the option of confidentiality of contracts.

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