Law on Police Promotions was passed in committee;  Liabilities are declared in an emergency

The State Security, Armed Forces and Police Commission has approved the draft Law on the Careers of Generals and Promotion of the Bolivian Police, which will be debated in the Plurinational Legislative Assembly on Tuesday, June 22nd, MP Saúl Lara reported today.

Given the proposal to make changes in the chain of command of the police, which the institution subordinates to the government ministry, the board of the National Association of Passive Police Service (Ansppol-Bolivia) issued a statement declaring an emergency and calling for concentrations in defense of the Institutionality.

MEP Saúl Lara from the Civic Community said on Monday that his bank had refused to approve the bill because Articles 11 and 12 “appear unconstitutional” and also “a submission to the organic law of the Bolivian police”.

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He warned that the project seeks to “over-politicize” the police and seek “revenge” for the political crisis of 2019 when the institution withdrew amid the conflict that led to Evo Morales’ resignation.

It is expected that the Plenary Session of the Plurinational Assembly will discuss the bill with a view to the anniversary of the Bolivian Police on June 24th at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow.

Lara regretted that the bill is a “patch” to the challenges and needs of the police institution.


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