Law 212: Lawyers Say MAS Is Trying To Legalize Interference

Representatives of lawyers or law graduates yesterday declared a state of emergency ahead of the possible examination of the 212 bill in the Chamber of Deputies, which, according to the sector, violates the independence of the judiciary.

The President of the La Paz Bar Association, Edson Foronda Paredes, said they had become aware of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) regulatory project, which, based on analysis, finds direct interference by the executive branch in the judiciary.

“We are requesting, on behalf of the entire Bolivian College, that the legislature report on the situation of this project, whether it is being submitted or what,” Foronda asked.

The main remarks relate to three articles, two of which provide for the appointment of directors of the State School and administrative judges of the Judicial Authority by proposing short lists submitted by the President of the Republic to the Legislative Assembly.

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Judges School

“The election of the National School of Judges, which would no longer take place on the proposal of the Magistrate Council or on the decision of the Supreme Court, would be today simply by resolution or a tripartite proposal by the President, the same procedure for the Treasury Director, this is a direct political interference in the judiciary, d President of the La Paz Lawyers.

He added that respect for the independence of powers has been requested on several occasions, but that the institution has unfortunately been co-opted and undermined in recent years.


Before consulting on the Justice Minister’s announcement that there is no project to that effect, attorney Foronda stated that it was known to be in the Chamber of Deputies, that although it was not sent to a commission and from another legislature may have them can be reactivated at any time.

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“We know there has always been interference, but this document or regulation aims to legalize interference. Obviously we disagree with this and will give all the resources necessary to avoid it, “he said.

The MPs bill consists of only two articles, but it modifies 13 articles of the Judicial Act: 112, 121, 149, 215, 216, 217, 218, 219, 220, 221, 223, 227 and 230.

It also puts forward amendments to the Lawyers Act in its Articles 36 and 47, which relate to complaints against lawyers and their reasons.


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