Last rain leaves three houses flooded and the infrastructure in Sucre.  collapse

The last rain, recorded in Sucre yesterday, flooded at least three houses and collapsed several infrastructures, according to the rescue workers of the Directorate for Local Risk Management.

Flooding of three houses in the Cimaco sector, one in the Alegría hospital sector affected by water accumulation, and two mud-flooded houses in the Univalle sector.

In Avenues 6 de Agosto-Circunvalación, Gregorio Mendizábal Streets and the Belén district, the streets were hit by flooding as hail accumulated, clogging gullies and making traffic difficult. Heavy machines were used.

In the Alto Delicias district, the roof of a carpenter’s shop collapsed due to hailstorms.

In the La Esperanza neighborhood, the roof of a room collapsed. In the Munaypata neighborhood, part of a house collapsed without causing any personal injury. For the safety of the family, the site was evacuated and all members were taken to the city’s emergency shelter.

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A branch fell on Tréveris square due to hail and strong winds.


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