Las Londras: In another case, the transfer of a detainee is postponed for kidnapping

Hebert Sixto Canaza Sacaca, accused of being one of the leaders in the abduction of 17 people at the Las Londras property, has not yet been transferred to Montero prison as prosecutors have decided to bring him up for further trial on charges of submission arrest of a property in Guarayos.

The Santa Cruz Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to El Deber the accuracy of the other arrest warrant against Canaza. The document was unveiled today, but issued on July 27th by then prosecutor Groberdt Orlando Vega, based in Guarayos Province.

“In October, Vega was dismissed after ten years as a prosecutor and convicted that this decision was made for issuing arrest warrants against attackers, including Sixto Canaza,” said the Santa Cruz newspaper.

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The case dates back to 2020 and the lawsuit states that the submission in Guarayos was carried out by groups of armed men in hoods, as was the case in Las Londras.

In a hearing yesterday, the judge decided to grant Canaza, who has been fully identified by the kidnapping victims, six months’ preventive detention.


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