Las Londras: Canaza's hearing is suspended until December 27th

The judiciary suspended the hearing to end the preventive detention of Sixto Canaza, the main and only detainee in the case of the kidnapping and torture of journalists and police officers near the Las Londras property in Guarayos, Santa Cruz, last October.

“The hearing was held this morning but it has been suspended for various reasons: one of the prosecutors encounters COVID, two of the victims have verbally stated that they cannot attend and for that reason it was suspended until 10 a.m. on Monday.” Canaza’s attorney César Cardona stated this morning.

The man was arrested in an operations complex in the city of San Julián, after encountering resistance from a group of local residents who responded with firearms.

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Canaza is a MAS-affiliated peasant leader and one of those who led a blockade in San Julián to require the national government to own private property in Guarayos province, where they abducted 17 people. In the ranks of the ruling party, they condemned the illegal act, but did not pursue or supervise the investigation.


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