With the rise in positive cases of Covid-19, the President of the Bolivian Medical College, Luis Larrea, questioned the lack of infection containment strategies and the vaccination process this Monday. He reiterated that “accumulating doses” will not end the pandemic.

“There is no vaccination strategy, but the most tragic thing is that we are the country that accumulates vaccines, we are the country that does nothing to develop a real vaccination strategy,” he said.

Larrea warned the population that the peak of the fourth wave will be stronger in two weeks, where there will be a greater surge in infections. He asked to maintain biosecurity measures during the year-end vacation. And he even suggested that the government should start a new vaccination cycle for next year for those people who have received full doses of the anticovid vaccine.

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“We have to continue the biosecurity measures, the cases have increased, the virus doesn’t stop with the vaccine. After the third dose, we have to start a new vaccination cycle, ”he said in order to report in time that the Bolivian Medical College will present the government with a project to develop the vaccination process with effective strategies.


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