Larrea describes the decree that enforces the requirement for a vaccination card as

The President of the Bolivian Medical College, Luis Larrea, criticized the decision of the national government to issue a Supreme Decree stipulating that from next January 1, 2022, vaccination certificates against Covid-19 will be required in areas where people are concentrated.

For Larrea, the government-approved decree violates the Emergency Health Act and is a “desperate measure” given the “failure” of the Ministry of Health’s vaccination campaign.

“This decree is an improvisational decree because whether you want to say it or not, this is an obligation on the vaccine and the hell the Emergency Sanitation Act they yourself passed because that law says that vaccinations are not mandatory, that everything” is with informed consent (…) and today with a Supreme Decree they are erasing their own law, ”he said.

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“With this, we realize that these are utterly desperate measures to see how to get rid of 20 million vaccines if your vaccination strategy hasn’t worked,” he added.

With that in mind, he said that this decree will affect the humble and rural population more who have not yet been vaccinated.

“This is due to the negligence of the vaccination campaigns run by the government and the Ministry of Health, they played with the data, they played with the vaccine because the government said in June and July that the second dose was” used for 120 days, and. ” they have never shown a medical certificate that says that and that was because they abandoned the population and now they distrust people, and today they are drawing a decree that says it is compulsory, “he stressed.

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Doctors’ biggest concern is the fourth wave and the congestion in hospitals, said the president of the Bolivian Medical College.

“Today we are in hospitals like we were at the beginning of the pandemic, or maybe worse because we have no contracts, there are no human resources, and that worries us, we believe that social security is affected and the public system is worse,” said he emphasizes.


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