Large and small companies appeal to trade fairs in search of reactivation

The display of products and trade exchanges through fairs is one of the most attractive options for entrepreneurs looking for economic recovery. The National Chamber of Industry (CNI )’s Reactívate fair generated $ 52 million in business intentions through the virtual business conference and 16,030 visits, according to the president of the organization, Ibo Blazicevic. Feicobol is planning exhibitions in Cochabamba until the end of the year.

At least 943 companies from the nine departments took part in the Major Economic Reactivation Fair for Bolivia (Reactívate). The business intentions are distributed as follows: La Paz with 69.9 percent, Santa Cruz with 22.3 percent and Cochabamba with 4.8 percent.

The President of the CNI stated that the fair was a hybrid; ie 80 percent virtual and 20 percent personal. “The expectations of the organizers, participants and visitors were exceeded with 521 virtual booths and 1,520 meetings were also achieved,” adds Blazicevic.

Some of the key deals included: $ 24.3 million in the signing of a purchase agreement for the National Bolivian Brewery and Bolivian Glass Containers.

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“The Reactívate Fair has achieved its mission and the objective set at the beginning of the conception of the initiative, as it has become a direct virtual contact scenario between the different levels of public and private companies at national level: both micro and small companies as medium and large” said President Blazicevic.


Since July, the companies in the department have also started a series of trade fairs. The hybrid modality is imposed in this context of the pandemic, but still with good results, according to the President of the Foundation of the International Fair of Cochabamba Bolivia (Feicobol), Antonio Torrico.

Feicobol has activated a virtual platform:, on which you can follow the trade fairs taking place at that time and those taking place. “They stay visible to people for about six months,” he said.

The small and medium-sized industrial fair is currently taking place in the Supermall on Avenida Blanco Galindo. The next one is the Expoconstrucción from August 26th to 29th in El Portal and in September there will be a series of fairs dedicated to the departmental events.

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Each takes place in different locations with the aim of encouraging economic reactivation in other parts of the city. It is also a showcase of national production.

“There is a lot of participation because there is no substitute for contact between seller and customer. It’s not just about the transaction of the moment, but about contacts that are made for future orders. People want to sell and move their economy and the trade fairs are becoming an impetus, ”Torrico concluded.


Absolutely all unions were economically affected by the pandemic. Many industries choose to host their own trade shows to increase sales from their subsidiaries.

One of these sectors is furniture. A trade fair is currently taking place near kilometer 2 of Avenida Villazón. Cochabamba carpenters display all kinds of products that might be of interest to citizens.

Another similar fair is located on Avenida Blanco Galindo, near the municipality of Quillacollo. The producers generally ask for the support of the population for their reactivation.


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