Prosecutor requests Arturo Murillo's extradition

Attorney General Juan Lanchipa Ponce reported Tuesday that the case of the ghost items in reserve had been declared because “sensitive” information had been leaked from the investigation that could benefit those involved.

“Very sensitive information has been leaked and in some cases helps certain people to get to safety. In order not to hinder the investigation process, the explanation was requested for 10 days in reserve, ”said Lanchipa.

Yesterday, Judge Juan José Quiroz placed a reservation on the case involving former Santa Cruz Mayor officials for the alleged manufacture of 800 phantom items.

The main defendant, former mayor’s head of personnel, Antonio Parada, is on the run and reportedly fled to Brazil.

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“The public prosecutor has asked Interpol to activate the blue seal, we are waiting for the information that will be sent to us about the whereabouts of this person,” said Lanchipa in the ATB.


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