Lanchipa files charges against Áñez in the Sacaba and Senkata cases

Attorney General Juan Lanchipa filed an indictment in the Supreme Court (TSJ) this Friday against former President Jeanine Áñez to be referred to the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) to determine responsibilities for the Sacaba and Senkata cases as of 2019 .

“In the merit of the indictment made by the victims of the tragic events of the 15th, observing the deadlines set by law n ° 044 of October 8th, 2010, the Ministry of State has today before the Supreme Court an indictment against the citizen Jeanine Áñez such facts are submitted, which are provisionally classified as genocide, serious and minor injuries and injuries resulting in death, ”Lanchipa said at a press conference in Sucre.

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The Tax Service assured that the state ministry’s indictment filed with the Supreme Court of the events that caused the deaths of 20 people and several dozen injured was based on the principles of “objectivity and transparency” in the development of the stage of accumulation of antecedents, which in the Law 044 stipulates that this authority should “send it to the Plurinational Legislative Assembly for the appropriate approval of the judgment” as soon as possible.

“The State Ministry reaffirms its commitment to the country in the fight against impunity and the search for justice,” said the Attorney General.


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