Labor reaffirms that October 11th is a normal working day and warns of unjustified absenteeism with sanctions

The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Affairs announced that Monday October 11 is a normal working day across the country and warned against taking economic and administrative sanctions for unjustified absences.

The document indicates that compliance with work duties will not be tolerated. The position was fixed after the bourgeois opposition politicians ratified the call for a work stoppage that day.

“The absence of jobs on that day is considered an UNEXPECTED absence and is subject to the corresponding economic and administrative sanctions,” said part of the statement.

The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Welfare confirmed that the departmental and regional labor center will be responsible for checking the “normal development of labor activities”.

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He also called for public and private companies and institutions to make the “necessary arrangements” to ensure the normalcy of the Monday October 11 working day.

The strike was called by the unions to oppose the law against legitimizing illegal profits. Citizens, opposition politicians, platforms and others joined the protests, which, among other things, called for an end to political persecution and the release of political prisoners.


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