Labor Department warns those adhering to Monday's strike

Labor Director General Arturo Alessandri reported this Friday that the Ministry of Labor issued Declaration 037/2021 stating that the working day corresponding to Monday October 11th, given the announcement of a citizens’ strike against the rights of the people Legitimation of unauthorized profits.

“The absence or absence from work is therefore reported as an unjustified absence, subject to appropriate economic or administrative sanctions. A day not worked is a day not paid,” he said at a press conference.

He recommended that public servants, corporate employees, and private and public institutions, should allow their employers to impose appropriate sanctions in the absence or absence of their source of work.

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“Therefore, there is no provision that establishes tolerance or approval from the Department of Labor or department management, which are the only authority that can exempt workers and employees from visiting their source of work,” he said.

Regarding the medical sector’s announcement that it is crippling activities, Alessandri said that the right to protest is legitimate and constitutional, and in the case of doctors in a situation of pandemic and health crisis, participating in a political mobilization will be, not theirs Responsibility for the appropriate sanctions to be imposed by direct employers.


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