La Paz: Pharmacy owners arrested for selling Remdesivir at Bs 2,900

The Deputy Minister of Defense for User and Consumer Rights, Jorge Silva, reported this Tuesday that a pharmacy had intervened in the city of La Paz, which was speculating on the prices of drugs to fight Covid-19. The owner has been referred to the Ministry of State for the alleged crimes of agios, speculation, assault on public health and improper professional practice.

“We have received several complaints from consumers who have gone to this pharmacy and we confirm that they sell remdesivir to 2,900 Bolivians when the price set by AGEMED is lower. For example, this drug is marketed in other pharmacies at 800 Bolivianos, so this is a crime of agio and speculation, “said Silva.

A note from the Ministry of Justice shows that during the intervention they checked that the pharmacy does not have a pharmacist regent and that it is not complying with the applicable regulations of the headquarters, which is why the pharmacy was temporarily closed.

“These facts deserve a thorough investigation to determine whether the drug trade originates from import companies or pharmacy chains that appear to have their own illegal resale mechanisms on the black market,” said Silva.


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