Kidney patients go on strike and demand the resignation of the CNS manager

The Bolivian Association for Dialysates and Transplants (Asoboldi) went on hunger strike on Wednesday and joined the resignation of the President of the Director of the National Health Fund (CNS), Silvia Gallegos.

Asoboldi’s president, Celestino Orellana, accused Gallegos of the lack of medicines in the fund, poor administration and poor budget execution.

He said kidney patients, cancer patients, the blind and retirees support the manager’s resignation request.

One of the strikers, blind and with kidney disease, said there were no drugs in the hospitals. He explained that, as insured, you contribute to the CNS and want good care.

The Asoboldi joins the demands of the unionized workers of the CNS, who strike for 72 hours and demand the resignation of Gallegos. In the past few weeks they have already made 24 and 48 hour breaks with this job.

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Labor leader Abdón Laora assured that his sector would stand firm in its demands and confirmed that management was responsible for the shortage of medicines.

He also referred to the statements made by miners and factories against the strike. He denied that his industry was responsible for the failure of the hiring process and denounced that the manager was trying to get workers to fight.


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