Kaliman and Calderón are notified by edicts and the prosecutor prepares their indictment for a

Prosecutors reported Tuesday that former commanders of the armed forces, Williams Kaliman, and police, Yuri Calderón, have already been notified by edict and that after the set deadline, both will be charged under the trial called “coup d’état”.

Kaliman and Calderón were the commanders of their respective institutions in 2019 and both proposed the resignation of Evo Morales on November 10, 2019.

Prosecutor Omar Mejillones pointed out that the former commanders could not be located, even though raids were carried out on the houses they were staying in, for which they were notified by edict.

He stated that after the edict was issued, you have 10 days to proceed with the process. He pointed out that in the case of Calderón the deadline has already been met and the same is expected in the case of Kaliman.

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Prosecutors said it was the Ministry of Public Relations’ intention to bring the two former commanders together so that the competent court could decide to deal with them in absentia.

In this case, Jeanine Áñez is also being processed, who is in preventive detention and whose legal defense has applied for an abandonment of detention due to her deteriorating health.

Prosecutor Mejillones pointed out that the elements presented by Áñez’s defense will be analyzed in order for the State Ministry to respond to the request.


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