Justice ratifies ruling against Murillo for military laptop bag

The Supreme Court (TSJ) upheld former minister Arturo Murillo’s two-year sentence for using a forged military passport book to gain access to public office.

The Supreme Order was issued on an appeal in cassation brought by Murillo to try to overturn the sentence. The ruling was passed in March 2021 and the parties notified in April, Correo del Sur newspaper reported.

The first instance judgment was passed in 2016 by the La Paz Fifth Criminal Court, which found Murillo guilty of the crime of using a counterfeit instrument and sentenced him to two years in prison.

As was known at the time, Murillo had used a military notebook with a serial number and registration that corresponded to other people.

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Since then, Murillo has tried to overturn the sentence, but his motions have been denied by both the Departmental Court and the Supreme Court, according to the Chuquisaca newspaper.

Murillo is alleged to have used the fake material to vote in the elections for MP and Mayor of Cochabamba, the report added.

MAS MP Juanito Angulo believed that the recent court ruling shows how Murillo betrayed the Bolivian people and the state. He said the former minister had other cases such as corruption to answer for.

Murillo is now incarcerated in the United States on charges of receiving bribes for directing the hiring of Bravo Tactical Solutions to purchase tear gas during the interim administration.

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