Arias suggests that the government set up a

The Second Criminal Chamber of La Paz this Friday confirmed the payment of a bail for 30,000 Bolivians, arraigo and submission every 15 days before the prosecutor against Mayor Iván Arias as part of the trial for allegedly irregular appointment as Minister of Public Relations Worked.

The mayor criticized the court decision and reiterated that it prevented him from traveling abroad, where, according to the mayor’s office of La Paz, he could receive cooperation for various areas of the municipality of La Paz, including health care.

The precautionary measures were determined in the first instance in June. Arias later appealed the decision to lift the restrictions, while prosecutors also appealed, but with the aim of arresting the mayor.

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The mayor’s defense insisted that there was no legal basis or reason for the mayor of La Paz to flee, but the arraigo was ratified by the judiciary.


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