Justice minister assures citizen strike seeks impunity for events of 2019

The Minister of Justice and Institutional Transparency Iván Lima assured this Tuesday that the calls for a citizens’ strike and mobilizations against the national government seek impunity for those involved in the violence and “massacres” of 2019.

“Every day of unemployment means a loss of $ 112 million that is seriously damaging the economy of Bolivians who work for their families every day. These pressures are encouraged by politicians seeking impunity,” he wrote on Twitter.

“What has happened in Santa Cruz and Potosí in the last few days is a sign and a clear sign that they are seeking impunity, that we are concerned about the 38 deaths that the country has had, they are not even concerned about the seriousness Corruption that has existed. ” happened in the country, “he asked.

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The government agency referred to the issue ahead of the announcement of the citizens’ movement that is organizing mobilizations on October 10th and a national strike on October 11th.

The so-called “unitary bloc”, in which the main opponents met yesterday, rejects political persecution and laws that seek to impair the freedoms of Bolivians, such as the law to combat the legitimation of illegal profits.

“Like (Jeanine) Áñez, there is a group of leaders of citizens’ committees who are not elected by the people who have proclaimed themselves to be the voice of the Bolivian people. If they believe they are the voice of the Bolivian people.” “They do not represent the Bolivian people as winning elections that overcome their permanent electoral disaster,” he asserted.

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On August 17, the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI-Bolivia) presented the results of the investigation into the acts of violence in 2019.

“The underlying problem right now is that they are looking for a pact of impunity that is shaking the country so that there is no justice and that is not allowed, it is not democratic,” said Minister Lima.

“For politicians like Branko Marinkovic who have their money outside the country (according to Pandora Papers), this strike does not represent economic damage, but it does for the people who have to recover from the looting and effects of the de facto government the pandemic, ”he said. .


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