Justice decides transfer from Pumari to Cantumarca and low preventive detention for four months

The judiciary rejected the lawsuit for the release of former Ombudsman Marco Pumari, but accepted his transfer from Uncía Prison to Cantumarca Prison in the capital Potosí, Potosí Citizens Committee Chair Roxana Graz reported on Tuesday.

In addition, the duration of preventive detention was reduced from six to four months.

“We are not happy, but it is an achievement that Marco can be here in Cantumarca prison, we have excellent specialists. Preventive detention was also shortened from six to four months, ”Graz informed El Potosí.

Pumari was arrested on 10 December during a controversial police operation, taken to Betanzos and then to Llallagua, where a judge ordered his six months’ preventive detention in Uncía Prison. The former citizen was accused of obstructing the 2019 election process.

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Graz reported that the next steps will be to request freedom actions in favor of the citizens Juan Carlos Manuel and Ramiro Subia, who are in “good protection” and have an emergency order.

“The judges must know that we Potosinos are steadfast and demand that justice and freedom be implanted in our politically persecuted people,” said Graz.


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