Judge sets for tomorrow the hearing of the precautionary measures of the former Minister López.  firmly

Judge Claudia Castro has scheduled a precautionary hearing this Friday, June 25th to clarify the situation of former Defense Minister Fernando López in a case where prosecutors are investigating former Government Minister Arturo Murillo and others over the alleged The crime of influence.

Judge Claudia Castro from the Anti-Corruption and Criminal Court against Violence against Women has, at the request of the State Ministry, scheduled the hearing for this Friday, June 25, in which the legal position of the former authority is to be clarified, according to the document.

Prosecutors are investigating a case reported by Elvira Rojas Orellana against the former government minister and others for the alleged crime of influence; it also suggests that López was notified of the formal allegation, which is why he requested a hearing for his protection.

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However, López fled the country after the Movement for Socialism’s victory in the national elections last year; according to information it would be in Brazil. The former agency is also facing another trial for the alleged crimes of terrorism, sedition and conspiracy.


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