Judge: If Choquehuanca Is Not Vaccinated,

President’s spokesman Jorge Richter pointed out that if Vice President David Choquehuanca is not vaccinated against Covid-19, “the restrictions will reach him,” but insisted it was a personal decision by the national authority that did To receive cans or not.

“The Ministry of Health records indicate that he was not vaccinated. If it does in the next few days, we’ll all find out. If he does not, there comes a time when the Vice President wants to travel abroad, for example, and a conflict there arises. And not because of Bolivia, but because countries abroad require that they be properly vaccinated, “said Richter on the show Que No Me Perda.

Avoiding explicitly stating whether or not the national agency received the vaccine, the spokesman limited himself to saying that Choquehuanca trusts traditional medicine.

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Last week, Supreme Decree 4640 was promulgated, which stipulates that the vaccination card must be carried from January 1, 2022 for access to public and private institutions and banks. People who do not have the document must submit a negative PCR test as part of the emergency response.

Richter pointed out in this regard that Choquehuanca’s personal decision “will not produce privileges”.

“The restrictions will hit him internally and internationally. Everyone makes the decision within the scope of their freedoms that they believe will be of use to them or that corresponds to them. And if the vice president gets vaccinated tomorrow or the day after, he will, but it’s a personal choice, ”he added.

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Vaccination to fight the pandemic

In Bolivia, she advocates voluntary and free vaccinations to combat the coronavirus pandemic that is hit the country with the fourth wave.

The total number of vaccines administered and purchased by the national government exceeds 22,500,000 and approximately 59 percent of the target population have the full system.

While data from the government of Cochabamba shows that 100 percent of the intensive care units (ICU) for Covid-19 at the reference hospitals North, South and Viedma are occupied by patients who have not been vaccinated.


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