Jeanine Áñez's daughter asks to be given the freedom for that of her mother

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Particularly affected by the situation that former president Jeanine Áñez is going through, her daughter Carolina Ribera expressed a desire to trade her freedom for that of her mother after the former president tried to commit suicide earlier this Saturday Miraflores Prison, where he is being held in preventive detention for the alleged “coup d’état”.

Ribera entered the prison to visit his mother, who has been incarcerated for five months. He asserted that the health of the former authority was still sensitive and demanded that he be free to defend himself.

“I would like to ask the authorities that my mother defend herself freely. She is very fragile, in a severe depression, all the more when she knows that her daughter is also threatened. I have to be at home. I want to be locked up here, but my mother is being released so she can be safe. (…) Put me in jail, but let my mother go, “said Ribera.

At dawn that Saturday, Áñez injured one of his arms, leaving three cuts on his wrist and one on his forearm. The prison doctors had to treat her and stitch the wounds.

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Ribera also stated that after learning of her mother’s precarious health, a coroner, the prosecutor on duty, and the prison regime came to examine her but gave no evidence. He assured them that when they found out, they were scared because they knew they were responsible.

“They (authorities) came in to see how she was doing. They were scared because they know they are causing all of this,” he said. “You have seen her, she is more stable now, but she is still very tender. What they cause is her death. (…) I give my freedom so that my mother can stay alive,” he said.

Áñez spent five months in prison after being arrested in Beni in the early hours of March 13. The ex-president is accused of hate speech and terrorism in the case of an alleged coup d’état by former MPs of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) Lidia Patty.

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Higher orders

A delegation of seven members of the Civic Community (CC) appeared in the women’s prison to demonstrate the health of the former president. The MP Manuel Ormachea denounced in this context that they are not allowed to enter because of “higher orders”.

“On the orders of superiors they did not allow us to enter, a commission of seven opposition MPs came forward to examine the ex-president’s situation and said no,” stressed.

Áñez’s health has deteriorated in recent weeks as he suffers from high blood pressure and shows a depressed picture. In the past few days she has been taken to various health centers for tests on a prison order. However, her family reported that she was not subjected to rigorous testing.


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