Jeanine Añez is denied freedom;  argue with the risk of flight and disability

The Fourth Criminal Chamber of La Paz has again rejected the request for the lifting of preventive detention submitted by the defense of former President Jeanine Áñez on Monday. The ministry argued that escape and disability risks persist.

“As a defendant, she should have promoted the testimony of Fernando Camacho, Jorge Quiroga, Samuel Doria Medina, but she did not (…) She covered it up,” said attorney Marcelo Valdez, attorney for former MAS MP Lidia Patty, Complainant in the so-called coup case.

Regarding the risk of escape, ñez’s defense lawyer Alain de Canedo claimed that they had already returned the passports in their possession and at the same time applied for permanent police custody.

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However, all of the lawyer’s arguments were rejected and the court decided to ratify Jeanine Añez’s preventive detention.

During the hearing, the ex-president said she felt “intimidated” and that there was “no evidence” to support the allegations against her.

Añez has been in preventive detention since March 2021, charged with alleged incitement to hatred, terrorism and conspiracy in the “coup” brought to justice by former MP for the Socialism Movement (MAS) Lidia Patty.


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