Investigation against a notary in Las Londras case expanded

A public notary from the municipality of San Julián was involved in the investigation into the kidnapping of 17 people, including civilians, police officers and journalists, on the farm “Las Londras” in the province of Guarayos de Santa Cruz October refused to provide any information on the people involved in the case.

Police commander General Jhonny Aguilera added that the San Julian Public Faith Notary Raúl Axel LR had an arrest warrant.

“The public prosecutor’s office has expanded investigations into offenses related to the cover-up that would be related to a notary who had drawn up a file a few days earlier,” confirmed the police chief consulted on the matter.

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The public prosecutor issued an injunction and accused the notary of the public faith of San Julián, Raúl Axel León Rodríguez, of having refused to provide information on the identity of those who had notarized the notarized documents of the municipalities “24 de Septiembre”, “El Chuchial- Bañadito ”. And “Los Tigres” after the reported kidnapping.

The injunction was issued by the prosecutor on November 11th but was not received until the afternoon of December 21st. If there was no answer, a warning was given that criminal proceedings would be initiated.

With regard to the pending arrest warrants, Aguilera confirmed that the investigation and surveillance in San Julián and in the homes of those involved will continue.

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So far, only Ever Sixto CS, who is involved in the kidnapping of journalists, police officers and civilians, is in preventive detention in Montero prison for a period of six months because of the crimes of serious and minor injury, deprivation of liberty, serious robbery, the Possessing or carrying a firearm, attempted murder and threats.


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