International campaign for Áñez generates rejection and support in parties

The recent trip to the United States by Carolina Ribera, daughter of former President Jeanine Áñez, was seen by the Civic Community (CC) as a reflection of the country’s “front democracy”, but the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) affirm that it only try to lie.

During his stay in the north of the country, Ribera tries to denounce the alleged human rights abuses his mother, imprisoned in Miraflores prison, is going through. He is expected to hold meetings with Human Rights Watch (HRW) representatives as well as Venezuelan activists.

The deputy of the opposition Central Committee Enrique Urquidi said that the daughter of the ex-president would make known to the international community the “abuse of power” of the Bolivian judiciary for a process that he sees as “building up” as the so-called “coup d’état” from 2019.

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“(Ribera’s trip) opens the eyes of the international community to this kind of facade democracy that we live in the country. I believe that the international community, as it was then, is a fundamental actor and needs to know the national reality and the systematic violation of human rights in principle, ”he said.

At the MAS, Senator Leonardo Loza questioned Ribera’s visit to the United States, despite saying that he had every right to travel but would only try to find out about his mother’s situation due to the trials he was facing before the judiciary ” lying”.

“It is a journey that tries to lie to the world, to some countries in the world. What is being done in Bolivia is justice. This lady should say why her mother killed more than 36 people under a top decree in our country, ”he added.

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Áñez is in preventive detention in Miraflores Prison. On several occasions his defense tried unsuccessfully to ensure that he could defend himself freely for the “coup d’état” sponsored by former MP Lidia Patty.

To the IACHR

Ribera also called for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to rule on her mother’s situation.

The news was posted on Áñez’s Twitter account, which stated that Ribera’s motion was directed at Áñez’s attempt to harm himself weeks ago.

“The daughter of Jeanine Áñez asks the IACHR to make a statement. Attempting to commit suicide represents irreparable psychological damage that requires immediate medical attention. Daily humiliating treatment has taken her to this extreme. What does the IACHR expect to announce? ”The message reads.


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