Industries are calling for the law against the legitimation of illegal profits to be repealed

The announcement that the treatment of the draft law against the legitimation of illegal profits and their socialization will be postponed is not a solution to the crisis; The way out is the cancellation and filing of the future regulations that the ruling Movement to Socialism (MAS) is trying to enforce, argue various sectors.

In view of the rejection of various areas of the bill against the legitimation of illicit profits, the financing of terrorism and the financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction or non-conventional weapons, the members of the MAS assembly reported on the temporary suspension for consideration in the Senate plenary, with the aim of the Reduce tensions that the document has created in society.

However, the announced mobilizations and the October 11th strike continue and will be carried out because the demand is not “socialization”; it is the “final archive” of the document because the norm that the blue party seeks to adopt does not threaten one or two sectors, it threatens society as a whole.

“The government is shy about the coming mobilizations. You’re trying to distract with this ad, but you’re not assessing the extent of your problem. We rejected the project, ”said Luis Aruquipa, official spokesman for the Evangelical Churches of Bolivia.

He added: “(Today) they will admit us to the Senate Constitutional Commission. We will justify our position of rejecting this project, it is not about doing another project or waiting for it to stay the way it is; our position is the rejection, acts and nullity, not only of this project, but of the entire legislative package that is behind this norm ”.

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The country’s unions remain on high alert, warning that the measures announced are moving forward as the authorities attempt to mask the government’s real intent to control everything.

“We have decided to repeal the law completely (…) On October 11th we will be with mobilizations, and if there are no solutions, we will be with the blocking of three days later, along with other sectors that oppose this law Roads begin. ”He said. The representative of the Federation of Trade Unions of Bolivia, Francisco Figueroa.


Constitutional attorney José Luis Santistevan said the bill pending in the National Senate violated constitutional guarantees, including due process, the presumption of innocence and the right to defense.

As an example, he cited that “the confidentiality of financial information (transactions, electronic transfers) and property of natural or legal persons is violated ex officio by the Financial Investigation Department (UIF) if it is suspected of being ex officio”.


On the other hand, they condemned that the MAS government, at its best to divide up the sectors to be demobilized, had launched a series of meetings at the head of Economy Minister Marcelo Montenegro.

“We saw with great suspicion that the Minister of Economic Affairs in the city of Cochabamba met with pastors of the MAS lineage. We condemn the MAS trying again to break the unity of the evangelical churches by meeting with organizations related to the MAS, ”said Aruquipa.

They also condemned the MAS ruler for organizing meetings with his union members and others.

MAS project with errors

The political alliance Creemos opposes the socialization of the bill against the legitimation of illegal profits and terrorist financing because it believes that it has had several observations since its inception and sees that the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) is only by violating fundamental rights of the citizen .

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“We oppose any attempt at socialization or its equivalent to the bill as it is because the government is trying to confuse the population and gain acceptance for their persecution,” we said in an announcement mid-year .

“We do not accept that there is only one socialization of this bill that is an excuse to give stillborn continuity from its origins; this project must finally be stopped, ”said Senator Centa Rek.

He added that it is not legal, ethical, or pertinent to initiate a socialization of a project that since its “genesis” has suffered from serious observations ranging from legal absurdities to signs of unconstitutionality, with clear pursuit of and violations of the most elementary civil rights.

“Our position is strong, it is final and we demand that the government stop building smoke screens,” said Rek.

Santa Cruz ratifies strike

The Pro Santa Cruz Citizens’ Committee confirmed the decision of the “Summit of Democracy” to go on a strike across the country called for October 11th, while sectors associated with the Movement for Socialism (MAS) assured that the pressure measures will fail.

Citizens reaffirm that the decisions taken at the October 4th meeting by opposition politicians, the National Committee for the Defense of Democracy and other platforms, among others, remain in force.

Social sectors associated with the MAS assured that the pressures will be a “failure” as they are only aimed at harming the country’s economy.


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