Indigenous protesters will support the strike this Monday in Santa Cruz

The indigenous protesters located in the city of Santa Cruz will take part in the mobilizations this Monday called by the unity bloc, which unites opponents and some unions, to oppose the adoption of the law against the legitimation of illegal profits dealt with by the Legislative Assembly.

Chief Marcial Fabricano assured that his sector would take part in this mobilization against the actions of Luis Arce’s government.

“I respectfully believe that it is appropriate that they have and deserve the full support of the people because they already fill the situation as we Bolivians are led and governed. We’ll be part of a good part of the day as a force to demonstrate the government’s neglect, ”Fabricano said.

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The indigenous protesters arrived in the city of Santa Cruz more than a week ago, after a 37-day walk between Trinidad and the eastern capital. They require government attention.

In the past week they have not been able to meet with Arce or with Vice President David Choquehuanca, to whom they want to put their demands directly, not to their ministers or vice ministers.

The indigenous parliament asked the government to discuss Agenda 21-25, which includes at least 14 items: land and territory, indigenous fund, special seats, abolition of norms affecting indigenous peoples, indigenous autonomy, review of the former fund, education, Health, Indigenous Justice Administration, Fiscal Compact, Amazon Law, TIPNIS Limits, Compliance with Escazú Agreement and 2022 Census.

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Aside from this agenda, Fabricano believed that indigenous peoples in the city of Santa Cruz could “do something for the Bolivians” by mobilizing this Monday.

The unity bloc called for a national strike with road blockades this Monday. Only the mayors of the central axis of the country confirmed their participation, as well as the government of Santa Cruz, the union members and doctors of the country, part of the public transport sector and the citizens of Potosí.

The government, the Movement for Socialism (MAS) and related social sectors opposed the mobilization on Monday as it aimed to destabilize the Arce government and cause major economic losses.


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