Indigenous peoples of Chepete-El Bala condemn the intrusion of ENDE technicians without consent

Indigenous communities around the Chepete-El Bala hydropower plant denounce the intrusion without the consent of technicians from the National Electricity Company (ENDE) in order to carry out measurement work in geo-referenced zones.

Some indigenous peoples declared themselves in a state of emergency in the face of this new attack by the state-owned company after it had reactivated this project in August and, despite the rejection since 2016, called together companies for geological and geotechnical research in the region.

This weekend, representatives of the Church Network of the Bolivian Amazon (REPAM Bolivia), the National Coordinator for Defense of Indigenous Rural Areas and Protected Areas of Bolivia (CONTIOCAP), Caritas, Corregidores and indigenous organizations have selected the area to review the complaint.

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An indigenous woman said about three weeks ago that, as the regional council of Chimán-Mosetén, she had not signed an agreement with ENDE, but the company “is entering our territory, it is overwhelming us without authorization”.

“If we put barbed wire in the river to defend our resources, we will do it again so that END does not continue to invade our territories at night like a thief”,

He regretted that indigenous peoples do not have the resources to mobilize their leaders to take care of the area, which would house around 17 communities.


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