Indigenous peoples emphasize the value of working the land, not selling it

The indigenous parliament of the march advancing towards the city of Santa Cruz held its first session in the city of Ascensión de Guarayos on the value of “working the land and not selling it in order to have money,” according to the ANF- Agency.

The parliament, which was held in the city where they spent the night, was chaired by Fabricano, an indigenous leader who took an active part in the 1990 march, to which the state was already obliged to respect its land and territory.

“Where will our children be if we stop fighting and defending our territory? What happens to our children when they forget the lessons we left them to defend the territory? That they only see and feel it, that the territory and the land are money, that you only have to sell it to have it and not work on it so that we have life, that would be very sad, ”said Fabricano, according to a report by the journalist Mercedes Fernández.

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The goal of the march is to travel 600 kilometers from the Beni department to the city of Santa Cruz, where they will invite President Luis Arce to make their demands known. They refused to negotiate with the government while they were out.


Fabricano stated in his speech that when they decided to march, they knew they had to go through heat and cold, but that they are confident and with the strength to demand from government agencies that the land be theirs as stated in the Political Constitution of the State (CPE). They refused to submit their territory.

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“When there were no indigenous organizations, when it was a shame to talk about indigenous peoples, we were not ashamed of it. Our parents were firm in teaching us three things: never forget, never give up, and never renounce values ​​and principles.


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