Indigenous peoples are advancing towards Ascensión de Guarayos, marching at dawn to avoid attack

Yesterday a group of settlers tried to stop the Trinidadian indigenous march into the city of Santa Cruz to defend their territories in the parish of Cerro Grande. To avoid another attempt at confrontation, the demonstrators decided to walk to Ascensión de Guarayos (Santa Cruz) early in the morning.

After more than ten hours of walking from one o’clock in the morning, the group of indigenous demonstrators from the east, Chaco and Amazonia reached the city of San Pablo, where they will rest that day to continue the march tomorrow.

“We welcome them and see them in this struggle since 1990 when they sacrificed their blood for our territories. There are people who think that you are doing something wrong and that is not the case, because what we do not want to trample and that is why you are fighting in this march, ”said the Mayoress of San Pablo, Elda Añez, at a reception for the protesters in the main square.

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Tomorrow they will drive another 12 kilometers from this city to the municipality of Santa Cruz in Ascensión de Guarayos.

When this march was announced on August 23, indigenous leaders publicly debated and made their demands through a resolution that they decided to end their march on August 25 because of the lack of attention to sustainable development in their regions.

But and after 13 days of walking and already registered confrontation scenarios with the so-called colonizers, the Vice Minister for Autonomies, Álvaro Ruíz, discredited this march yesterday in an interview with the state broadcaster and assured him that he did not know anything about a request for this indigenous sector to the Authorities.

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“So far we do not know what the petition is, who are the authorities that promote or implement it, on the contrary, we would like to know their request, at least to analyze it, to evaluate it,” said Ruiz.

Today, upon the arrival of this march in San Pablo, the indigenous leader Marcial Fabricano met with other representatives of the indigenous peoples of the lowlands who marched with him in the historic 1990 mobilization “for dignity and territory”.

“The March of 90 was filled with a story from our parents for the country and the territories and that is the memory we inherit and honor, and today we are marching again to defend our country,” said Fabricano.


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