Indigenous people: The government's waiting time is

After six days of waiting for dialogue with the government, the leader of Marcial Fabricano, who arrived in Santa Cruz, said that the time for the hearing of President Luis Arce and Vice-President David Choquehuanca was “up” and that it will now international organizations go.

“Now that we have been on the road for days and days, it is different for them to listen to us, because it is only a question of will, but this stage is already burned today, so we have already moved on to the next stage. We are calling all representations together at international level, ”said the representative of the march in a contact with Brújula Digital.

He stated that they already have some answers on the table and that the bodies they will be calling for a hearing are the United Nations (UN), the Organization of American States (OAS), the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), International Organization for Labor (ILO) and the country’s bilateral and diplomatic missions.

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“We are calling all agencies together at international level,” he said. Fabricano’s response comes after they sentenced Arce as head of state on Wednesday to attend the plenary session held today by protesters at Gabriel René Moreno University in the city of Santa Cruz.

He made it clear that the wait for the state and its organs of power is over and that they will enter a different phase from this Thursday. The day was scheduled for the indigenous parliament, a case in which the president, the vice-president and the other three state organs were expected to attend.

Last week the indigenous parliament asked the government to discuss Agenda 21-25, which includes 14 items: land and territory, indigenous fund, special seats, abolition of norms affecting indigenous peoples, indigenous autonomy, examination of the exfondioc, education, Health, Indigenous Justice Administration, Fiscal Compact, Amazonian Law, TIPNIS Limits, Compliance with the Escazú Agreement and 2022 Census.

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Protesters arrived in the capital, Santa Cruz, 37 days ago after leaving Trinidad, Beni, on August 25, demanding respect for their country and against submission.

On several occasions, the government dispatched deputy ministers to respond to requests from the indigenous peoples, but they refused and insisted on a meeting with Arce and Choquehuanca.


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