Indigenous March decides not to attend the meeting called by Minister Gonzales and asks for dialogue with Arce

The Assembly of Indigenous Peoples of the Lowlands has decided not to attend the meeting convened by the Ministry of Rural Development and Land, which was due to be held at the Diprevcon offices at 6 p.m. this afternoon.

The protesters decided unanimously to ask President Luis Arce and Vice President David Choquehuanca to attend the indigenous parliament this Thursday, said Abdón Justiniano, president of the Central Indigenous Peoples of Beni (CPIB), quoted in El Deber.

The convening of the State Department indicated that the dialogue should take place with a commission composed of three agencies: the head of the Deputy Ministry for Citizens’ Security, Roberto Ríos; the Deputy Minister for Coordination with Social Movements, Juan Villca Flores, and the Head of the Unit for Indigenous Autonomies, Gilvio Janayo.

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A few days ago the XI. The indigenous march, which covered some 600 kilometers between Trinidad and Santa Cruz, decided not to enter into dialogue with the ministers or deputy ministers sent by the central government, as they demand the presence of the highest authorities in the state, including Luis Arce.


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