Indigenous Congresswoman Lero asks the president to guarantee the march to Santa Cruz

After the aggression of the indigenous march leading to the city of Santa Cruz in defense of their territory from Trinidad, the Civic Community Deputy (CC) and President of the Commission of Indigenous Peoples of the House of Commons, Toribia Lero Quispe, He asked that President Luis Arce the Guaranteed lives of each of the 200 protesters, including children, women and the elderly from the indigenous peoples involved in the mobilization.

Lero informed the ANF that he would send President Arce a letter demanding that he guarantee the free access and safety of the mobilized.

“We are writing a letter to the President so that the brothers can pass freely. Their march is fair, peaceful and they suffer injuries and intimidation, so they march and their rights must be respected, ”he affirmed.

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The MP said that in the letter they will warn Arce of the importance of protecting the protesters’ lives as they belong to indigenous peoples who are in a situation of high vulnerability and extinction. He warned that the risk would be exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic as they were exposed to contagion.

“It is impossible for the government to allow the brothers to mobilize when they are in a situation of high vulnerability and extinction, even more so in the face of the threat posed by the fourth wave of the pandemic; The President should listen to their demands and thus save them from exposure to contagion and the kind of aggression they have endured. The government must protect the march and guarantee the life of each of the indigenous brothers, ”he said.

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