In La Paz, Arce confirmed that the MAS would

President Luis Arce attended the second “Wiphalazo” and assured that the MAS social movements will defend his government on the streets.

Arce took part in the mobilization that took place in the Plaza San Francisco of the seat of government. Hours earlier, the President had given a similar speech in the “Wiphalazo” in Plaza San Sebastián in Cochabamba. In the evening the President will be present at the MAS mobilization in Santa Cruz.

“Yesterday the citizens’ committees called for a strike that threatens democracy because they clearly do not want to accept the overwhelming triumph of the Bolivia test in last October’s elections,” he said.

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The president referred to the citizens’ strike to reject the law to combat the legitimation of illegal profits that took place yesterday in different regions of the country.

“What they didn’t win in the elections, they want to win the hard way. With blows, with undemocratic attitudes (…) We tell the putschists that the coup won’t happen, ”he said.

“Yesterday people taught the murderous coup leader a lesson. The coup wanted to stop and people were telling them ‘let’s work,’ ”he said.

“If you don’t respect the election result, if you don’t respect democracy, the referendum, we will enforce it on the streets,” he said.

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“People are fed up with coups and useless adventures. They want to divide us, but the coup will not go away, the people will defend their democracy, ”he said in a fiery speech.


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