In La Paz.  14 families were left homeless due to unauthorized land movement

Mayor Iván Arias condemned on Wednesday evening that the movement of earth in an unauthorized construction was the main cause of the smashing of at least six houses in Villa Las Nieves de Cotahuma and announced that the La Paz Mayor’s Office would take legal action against the alleged perpetrators who left 14 families homeless and with multiple material losses.

“This is called the result of unconsciousness. In this city, a lot of people do what they want, they know they can’t put machines in, they have machines built in and now six households are affected,” said the city council of Av. Buenos Aires de Cotahuma, where those affected took their belongings with them.

At around 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, the property was detected moving in the area, and two hours later the neighbors began removing their belongings. The first intervention was through the office of the Sub-Mayor of Cotahuma, whose owner Fausto Terrazas reported that the earth moving on Av.

The owner of the structure has been identified and the mayor of La Paz assured that it was forbidden to move earth with heavy machinery and announced that he would initiate legal proceedings for the failure to issue the warning.

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“We will initiate a process for this woman, we will do a joint action with the neighbors; we will make her pay every peso because we move people, move heavy machines,” said Arias, who ran the place and spoke to the families of the Victims who had to leave their homes.

The illegal construction is on a slope and heavy machinery was used to dig at the base, destabilizing the other six houses. 40 officers from the Mayor’s Office, 30 from the City Secretary for Comprehensive Risk Management (SMGIR) work there, as well as members of the city guard, the national police and the fire brigade of Antofagasta.

“Here we are lamenting (the fact), people who have nowhere to go, people who suddenly have to demolish their house that has cost them so much work. Because of the unconsciousness of a person installing (machines) in an inherently dangerous place and what can we do? “said the mayor of La Paz.

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Arias revealed that the person responsible for the incident signed a preliminary agreement with four neighbors obliging them to respond to damage to the property, which is now cracked and propped up against house collapse.

Previously, the community secretary for comprehensive risk management, Germán Quisbert, said that in the lower part of the slope, earth and rocks are emptied as a passive wedge, thus reducing the risk of landslides from the upper part.

Many families have nowhere to store their belongings and live temporarily in accommodation or with relatives, as the demolition of the six houses is predicted. Faced with this situation, Arias announced that the possibility of setting up temporary accommodation was being discussed with the community secretariat for social development, but other affected people decided to go to see relatives and other close friends.

Cracks on walls and ceilings could be detected in the houses, the foundations are also weakened, even a light pole is at risk, so workers from the Distribuidora de Electricidad La Paz (Delapaz) came on site to assess the transfer. a mast with public light.


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