Ex-President Áñez injured himself, police will step up surveillance

In its report to the Inter-American Human Rights Commission (IACHR), the government described the cell of former President Jeanine Áñez as a hotel room, with cable TV, two and a half beds, a minibar and heating, among other things, reported the newspaper Página Siete.

“Two rooms and a bathroom for private use were furnished with the following equipment: two beds with one and a half seats, a stove, an electric boiler, a desk, a folding table, a 32-inch cable TV, a minibar …”, Details of the government department documentation sent to the agency, according to Page Seven.

The IACHR refused to grant precautionary measures in favor of the former president last week, despite having indicated that it will monitor her health.

Áñez’s defense called for the precautionary measure, stating that the former president’s life and health were in danger.

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Pictures of the space occupied by the ex-president in the prison show a very different location than the one specified by the executive branch. In the photos you can not see the minibar, the stove, the television. On the contrary, the ex-ruler’s bed is similar to that in public health centers. You will also need to go down a hallway to use the bathroom.

However, the central level of the state informed the IACHR that they can afford amenities to take care of their health.

The report also indicates that the ex-president is said to be under constant medical supervision and a specialist doctor.

“You have a permanent team of doctors (24 hours a day), a family doctor and nurses as well as specialists at your disposal,” says another part of the government report.

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Lawyer Luis Guillén accused the government of lying about the situation Añez found himself in. He added that based on this untrue report, they managed to get the Inter-American Commission to deny the former head of state the Amparo.

“It is said that the ex-president has things she doesn’t have, like a minibar, a TV with a cable connection. These situation are things that we could see from the report that they sent to the IACHR and that they called us because what they are describing is not true, ”he said.

The former president is serving seven months in Miraflores Prison this Wednesday for the 2019 “coup” case.


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