In his situation report, Cox highlights the

Deputy Minister of the Interior and Police, Nelson Cox, presented his situation report this afternoon, highlighting the “dissolution” of the Cochala Youth Resistance and the final dismissal of eleven police officers in the “police riot” case.

“We have support in various criminal proceedings as a complaint authority. The government ministry is a complainant in the proceedings against the Cochala Youth Resistance (RJC) in Sucre, in Cochabamba. Not yet against the Cruceñista Youth Union. However, they are the two bodies that are used to fulfill our mandates, to fulfill the dismantling, ”said Cox in a conference.

The Vice Minister added: “In parallel, they are working on disciplinary proceedings involving police officers involved in the coup. The Directorate General of the Internal Control Office has received more than 26 complaints, 22 with a formal allegation, and as of yesterday 11 final victims of police officers in the context of a coup ”.

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Captain José Vargas Barrón was released last night. Cox didn’t rule out extending the report to six other Santa Cruz police officers.

The deputy minister’s report also shows that they “mainly controlled violent political movements for the November 2021 coup in Santa Cruz and Potosí”.


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