In an Oruro nursing home, 77 out of 90 elderly people suffer from coronavirus

The authorities of the Department’s Health Service (Headquarters) reported this Wednesday that 77 elderly people out of 90 in the home of the Sagrada Familia de Oruro as a result of two activities to celebrate the Day of Old Age, at the end of August.

Waldo Rosso, head of epidemiology at Oruro headquarters, stated that of that number of coronavirus patients, six are in intensive care and six are in moderate therapy while the rest are stable.

Orurean health authorities reported that it was on the 26. In this case, the respective distance was not recorded, it said.

After these events, three days later, the first coronavirus patients were detected and this situation was extended until September 6, when even more than 20 cases per day were detected in the old people’s home.

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The elderly with the disease were taken to health centers to receive their respective treatment, Oruro health authorities said.

They added that the drugs needed are currently guaranteed, although help has been requested with some drugs and medical oxygen, but this situation has been skewed by headquarters. She ensured that patients received “adequate” care against the coronavirus.


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