In a letter, Áñez asks for the intervention of Almagro and the international community

Former President Jeanine Áñez has sent a letter to the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, asking him to intervene in her case and to represent his good offices before the international community so that they know their reality and those of the “political prisoners”.

In the letter broadcast by El Deber, Áñez Almagro, and through his mediation, invites the international community “to come to Bolivia and see what happens to the judiciary and the political prisoners”.

In her letter, the ex-president claims: “My prison guards certainly want me to die in this prison that I am writing about today and sometimes I think it is the best solution.”

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The former president points out that this result “will not solve the underlying problem, namely that in Bolivia justice is not valid or corrects, but rather divides and ruins”.

The letter Áñez has written since her “dark and cold imprisonment” shows that the ex-president is losing hope, “we will have real justice to repair the cracks that exist today”.

He assures that the judiciary in the country has been completely destroyed and that “the judiciary of the government of the day is being prostituted”.

He assures that he took over the post of constitutional president of the country in 2019, “although a liar and hideous person like Evo Morales and his servants say otherwise.”

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He calls Luis Arce and Morales “pimps of power”.

Carolina Ribera, daughter of the ex-president, traveled to the United States to meet with human rights organizations and to uncover her mother’s situation.


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