Government states that Áñez's health is

Jeanine Añez has been in preventive detention in Miraflores prison for five months. Her lawyer Luis Adolfo Guillen told how the former president lives all day in a locked prison, in a room without even being able to go sunbathing, she has no contact with other inmates and receives fewer visits than others Inmates, all of these could lead to complications in his psychological and chronic state of stress.

How is the room?

According to Guillen, Añez is in a room of 2×2 square meters, the floor is wooden, he has two small windows with bars, one with access to the street. There is a bed, a table as a bedside table and two chairs. The room is the end of a long corridor that also has a bathroom used by other inmates who are also isolated in similar rooms, and the infirmary on the other side. For health reasons, however, Añez can no longer move from one place to another, not even in his room.

Do you get visits?

At first she was completely isolated. He didn’t even get a visit from his lawyers, we had problems. Today they have become more flexible, although they still do not have regular visits from their relatives or the outside public.

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However, although at one point it was determined that she could receive visits twice a week, over time this has been reduced to one person per week and she cannot receive visits like any other person

What does it feed on?

Every day her family members come at 12:00 noon to deliver their food, first they made the delivery to the guard, but later it was agreed that the person bringing the food could be with her for half an hour

This Saturday was the longest time any of her relatives could be with her after five months as they stayed in the room all night.

What do you eat and what are you thin?

As I am now telling you, they had a person come to her for lunch at noon because, in addition to poorly administered medication, she lost up to 14 kilograms due to stress and tightness and depression. But for health reasons, he does not get food from prison.

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What drugs do you give the president?

Right from the start, the penal institution was informed about the health of the ex-president, but we are still not aware of the clinical picture in the penal institution. Although the request was made three times, we do not know how long the drugs will be made available and the schedules. We know that even this led to a deterioration in his health.

How do you live your everyday life?

According to my client, he was forbidden from sunbathing because of the support he had from outside the prison. He gets up in the morning and drinks his infusions or tea with biscuits at noon. Because of the poor supply of medication, I can’t do any activity and she doesn’t want me to take her to a private doctor. Her condition is isolated and is now sometimes associated with a serum throughout the day.


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