Ibero-American lawyers support the ANP's announcement

The Ibero-American Lawyers Association (ASJURIB) expressed its support for the National Press Association (ANP) and affirmed that “freedom of the press is a cornerstone of the existence of a democratic society”.

In a Madrid declaration, the entity spoke out in favor of the ANP, which recalled the validity of constitutional freedom of expression, press and expression and called on those in power to uphold and defend the freedoms of the political constitution. CPE).

“Based on the premise that a well-informed society is a completely free society, we consider journalism to be the primary and most important manifestation of freedom of expression, which is why journalistic work is important for forming public opinion. . It gives the citizens of our Ibero-American community access to public information, ”reads the ASJURIB announcement.

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The organization refers to the message of the United Nations (UN) Secretary General António Guterres, who highlighted the role of information in saving lives and building strong and resilient societies on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day 2021.

Journalists “take great personal risks such as new restrictions, censorship, abuse, harassment, arrest, and even death, just to do their jobs. And the situation is getting worse, “said Guterres on 3.


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