IACHR demands in the case of La Calancha.  a

The Inter-American Human Rights Commission (IACHR), which in November 2007 admitted the investigation into the three deaths in La Calancha, offered the Bolivian state the option of a “friendly solution”.

In a letter to the Bolivian state and the plaintiffs, he asked for a decision on the possibility of a friendly solution and if this was not achieved the commission will continue to deal with the petition or case.

“Therefore I take the liberty of asking for an answer to this offer as soon as possible”, it says in the letter of the IACHR and the OAS of August 5th in case 14.630 by Gonzalo Durán et al.

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The procedure provides that the parties are given a deadline in which to express their interest in initiating an amicable settlement.

The OAS amicable settlement mechanism enables redress agreements for the alleged direct victims of the violation and for society at large.

The IACHR approved the request of the former deputy and former candidate for the office of mayor of Sucre, Horacio Poppe, who went to international organizations six years ago to denounce the human rights violations.

In 2007, during the Sucre Constituent Assembly and the conflicts over the capital, three people died and several were injured by police force in the La Calancha area.

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