IACHR asked the government for information on Áñez's health

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) informed the Bolivian state and gave a week to inform about the situation of former President Jeanine Áñez, who is currently detained in Miraflores prison.

The notification was sent to Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta on August 31st as part of a request for precautionary measures made by Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, defender of the ex-President, asking a state to “protect one or more people”. who are in a serious and urgent situation and suffer irreparable damage ”.

“Pursuant to Article 25 (5) of the IACHR’s Rules of Procedure and without prejudice to the possible granting of precautionary measures, I comply with Your Excellency’s request that this Secretariat, within a period of seven days from the date of receipt, send this communiqué the information that it deems appropriate for the situation to which the petitioner refers ”, reads part of the letter signed by Mario López-Garelli, member of the IACHR.

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A precautionary measure is a protective mechanism used by the IACHR to ask a state to protect one or more persons who are in a serious and urgent situation from irreparable harm.

Some of the points you will be asked to include: the comments the state may make on the precautionary request; Provide information about the proposed beneficiary’s physical and mental health and access to medical care both within the prison and in the specialty that may be required outside the prison.

Áñez’s lawyer Luis Guillén reiterated that the call for precautionary measures is to ensure that the former president can defend himself freely.

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Hearing suspended due to technical malfunctions

The hearing on the end of Jeanine Áñez’s preventive detention was suspended yesterday and the former president’s doctor strongly recommended her to be hospitalized, said her lawyer Luis Guillén.

The defense reported that the hearing was suspended because of “problems in the virtual platform”.

After hearing the suspension of the hearing, Guillén informed Erbol that the doctor had recommended that the ex-authorities move her to hospital from an “emergency” because “her blood pressure rose again yesterday”.

Since this is an emergency, the prison government has the power to preventively evacuate the detained person, regardless of whether it is the former president.


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