Human rights assembly related to MAS calls on Carvajal to hand over the headquarters

The new President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdhb), affiliated with the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), Edgar Salazar, reported yesterday that this body has responded to international lawsuits over the deaths in Sacaba and Senkata, violations of constitutional guarantees and alleged crimes raised during the 2019 crisis.

The Führer said that during his tenure he would also work on the request to the former president of that organization, Amparo Carvajal, to hand over the headquarters. It will also organize the institutionalization of the departmental directories in 90 days.

The new directive relating to the MAS identifies Carvajal after he took over the leadership of the Apdhb.

“From the Apdhb’s point of view, we have a duty to lodge the complaint with the international community in a coordinated manner with the families of the victims of Senkata and Sacaba, so that they know the historical truth,” he said. in an interview on the show Las 7 en el 7 on Bolivia TV.

He pointed out that the task will be set because traditional political leaders, in complicity with Carolina Ribera, daughter of de facto former President Jeanine Áñez, “tell the lie abroad that there is political persecution against the people in the country who have appropriated “. 2019 “.

He stated that the world needs to know the truth about the political opposition parties and what really happened during the collapse of the country’s constitutional order. “We believe this is very basic,” he said.

In addition, he announced that the Apdhb would coordinate the application of the recommendations of the experts of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts to repair the damage caused during the 2019 “coup”.

“We have to work on the issue of justice, we have to work on the issue of some institutions that are very poor in the country, and no doubt we will go along with our brothers from Senkata, Sacaba, Huayllani. tirelessly accompany and El Pedregal at the beginning of the processes that correspond to the massacres of Senkata and Sacaba, “he added.

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The delegations of the Permanent Human Rights Assemblies of La Paz, Oruro and Tarija and the National Committee for the Defense of Democracy (Conade) rejected the creation of a parallel government directory on Saturday.

The Vice-President for Human Rights of La Paz, Wilfredo Pomar, said in contact with the ANF that the congress was held without the authorization of the President of this body, Amparo Carvajal, and that it was convened by people identified with the ruling party.

“We know this call is a way for the government to take over the answering institutions. In addition, it should be noted that this meeting was held without the approval of the national bureau and that the assembly facilities were not used, ”he said.

Likewise, from the representation of Tarija, they questioned these actions, which have personal and partisan interests of the government.

“From the department of Tarija we express our resolute rejection of the co-opting attempt of the Apdhb, apparently on the basis of personal interests with a party-political background, this is one of several attempts and attacks on the only objective, impartial and independent human rights organization in Bolivia.” the explanation.


The President of the MAS Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia Edgar Salazar defended the legitimacy of the Congress at which he was elected and announced an international campaign to deny the political persecution in Bolivia.

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They will also announce that former President Jeanine Añez “unconstitutionally” took power in line with the MAS narrative of the alleged existence of a “coup” against Evo Morales in 2019.

“We will tell the historical truth of what happened from September to December 2019,” he said.



The government’s human rights guideline formed on Friday evening decided to march the regional offices of the nine departments in addition to the city of El Alto. The president of this institution, parallel to the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdhb), Edgar Salazar, has already announced a split into several regions, according to Duty.

“We have indicated that we will begin working in each of the congregations within 90 days. We have to realize that there are deep divisions in some institutions, in some departmental assemblies, but our statutes mandate the federal executive committee or the new executive committee to be able to hold these congresses in coordination with our activists. Salazar stated on the state broadcaster Bolivia TV.

The parallel committee had previously announced that it would bring the Apdhb building in the city of La Paz to court. It repeats in this way what the government had done with the building of the Adepcoca coca farmers in the area of ​​Villa Fátima. has made

From Tarija, the organization’s brand new president, Yolanda Herrera, confirmed that the Salazar sponsored event was attended by only three departmental offices and that the meetings of Beni, Tarija, Oruro, La Paz, Potosí and Cochabamba as well as the regional one of Montero did not arrive.


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