Human rights assembly condemns intervention in Compipo and calls for the freedom of political prisoners

The Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of La Paz (Apdh-LP) condemned the mobilization of more than a thousand police officers from other departments in the city of Potosí, where they searched the offices and homes of the leaders of the Potosinist Citizens Committee (Comcipo). and arrested former leader Marco Pumari.

“During this time of Luis Arce, who is an extension of the MAS government, not only is his vengeful desire to prosecute former authorities of the interim government and other opponents for an alleged ‘coup d’état’ and the 2019 election fraud, but also their double standards, if events like the one in Las Londras, the attack on journalists in Potosí, the dismissal of public officials are minimized or not investigated, ”the publication said.

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For the Apdh-LP, this “openly repressive policy of the MAS government” takes place within the framework of the passing of laws and ordinances on the confiscation of private assets and public funds and within the framework of the intensification of its extractivist economic policy.

“The Apdh-LP denounces that all of these actions from power openly violate the CPE and undermine democratic freedoms, promoting a catastrophic polarization that creates a confrontational scenario,” the human rights organization said.

The human rights organization supported the mobilization of the citizens and the population of Potosí and announced that legal measures would be started to free Pumari and all victims of persecution by the MAS government.

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