Huayllani case: you denounce an officer of the armed forces and the police for genocide

Prosecutors investigating Huayllani’s death in November 2019 expanded the lawsuit against former military chief Alfredo Cuellar Mercado and former police commander in Cochabamba Rodolfo Antonio Montero Torrico on charges of genocide.

Both were summoned to appear before the Sacaba Public Prosecutor this Thursday. The two were charged with murder and serious injuries. “We will be present and see what new facts are presented because there must be new facts that will emerge from the outcome of the investigation that is being developed,” he said.

The State Ministry is investigating the deaths of 10 people in Huayllani, Sacaba, November 2019, former defense and government ministers, two police chiefs and two soldiers.

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According to the cases handled by the Prosecutor’s Office, the event was recorded on November 15, 2019 in the Huayllani sector of the Sacaba parish, where the residents of Chapare were in a mobilization intended to enter Plaza 14 de Septiembre in the parish attached.

The march remained on the Huayllani Bridge in Sacaba, where a military and police contingent blocked the passage of the demonstrators.

At the scene, police used chemical agents to disperse the protesters and a confrontation ensued with contingent police and military personnel guarding the sector. As a result of these violent events, 10 people were killed from firearms and 90 were injured.

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