Huayllani case: Cuéllar declines to testify to the public prosecutor's office

Former military chief Alfredo Cuéllar today waived a testimony in the Sacaba prosecutor, who was accused of genocide as part of the expanded investigation into Huayllani’s death in November 2019, reported his lawyer Edwin Paredes.

“He has refrained from making an explanation as there is already information that he has already reported in due time,” he said.

He said the defendant had been moved to his home. “It is within the same process that is being accumulated, they broadened the investigation, they will surely base it on in due course,” he said.

Cuéllar, who was in command of the Army’s Strategic Operations Command last November, was charged with the alleged murder by the State Ministry.

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In November 2020, the Sacaba examining magistrate ordered General Alfredo Cuéllar to be under house arrest without employment law. In addition, a bond of Bs 250,000, twice a week, rooting and prohibition of going to certain places is signed.

At the moment “several measures have been changed, today he has the right to work, he is without a supervisor and on better conditions,” he said.


Prosecutors investigating Huayllani’s death in November 2019 expanded the lawsuit against former military chief Alfredo Cuellar Mercado and former police commander Rodolfo Antonio Montero Torrico for genocide.

Montero’s informative statement, whose transfer from La Paz to Cochabamba has been requested, is planned for this afternoon.

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